Principles of Microeconomics
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Principles of Microeconomics

Av: D. D. Tewari

ISBN: 9788122410174

Microeconomics Is Taught In All Colleges And Universities Offering Degree Courses In Economics, Social Sciences, Business Administration And Management Studies All Over The World. There Are Many Good Text Books On Microeconomics Now Available In The Market. This Book Is Intended To Be A Valuable Addition To The Existing Repository Of Books On Principles Of Microeconomics. The Book Provides A Good Mixture Of Theory And Practice Of Microeconomics. Applications Of Various Principles Of Microeconomics Are Illustrated Using Both Real World As Well As Hypothetical Data. The Latest Developments In The Theories Of Demand And Supply, Production, Markets And So On Are Covered And Areas Of Their Potential Applications Explored.The Principles Are Enunciated First Using Simple Language, Then Illustrated With The Help Of Graphs And Diagrams And Occasionally Using Simple Mathematics To Derive Decision Rules. For Ready Reference Of The Readers, Three Appendices, One Each On Calculus, Linear Programming And Econometrics And A Glossary Of Technical Terms Are Also Included In The Book. The Book Will Prove To Be Useful As A Text Book For Post-Graduate Students Of Microeconomics And As One Of The Reference Books For Students Of Business Administration And Management Sciences. Teachers Of Microeconomics May Also Find It Useful As A Handy Reference Book.

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