Kopf und Hals, Brust, Bauch, Becken, ZNS, Auge, Ohr
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Kopf und Hals, Brust, Bauch, Becken, ZNS, Auge, Ohr

Av: Gerhard Wolf-Heidegger, Petra Köpf-Maier

ISBN: 9783805568531

Wolf-Heideggers Atlas of Human Anatomy, revised, updated and modernized completely by Prof. Dr. med. Petra Köpf-Maier, appears new in two volumes. This 5th edition of this classic of anatomy is the result of intensive collaboration between recognized scientists, dissectors and graphic artists. The high-class illustrative material, one of the main features of the standard atlas, has been printed in color throughout and extended by providing a large amount of anatomical sections, x-ray plates, computerized tomograms and magnetic resonance images as well as ultrasound pictures. This has been done taking the enormous clinical importance of modern imaging techniques into consideration. Placing the respective anatomical sections and radiologic images directly opposite each other should facilitate the interpretation of CT and MRI scans and open new approaches to a better understanding. A successful clinical approach without an established knowledge of macroscopic anatomy including sectional anatomy is no longer feasible today. Wolf-Heideggers Atlas of Human Anatomy is aimed at students of human medicine and dentistry in the preclinical and clinical stages of their studies as well as clinical practitioners. It conveys an as lifelike as possible aspect of the organ systems of the human body and presents sectional anatomy and radiological pictures in direct opposition to each other.

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