The Artist\'s Guide to Perspective
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The Artist\'s Guide to Perspective

Av: Janet Shearer

ISBN: 9781847734129

In order to draw or paint anything successfully, an artist needs a good understanding of perspective, but it is a subject that most people seem to find very confusing and challenging. In stark contrast to other books on the market, \\\"The Artist\\\'s Guide to Perspective\\\" demystifies this subject and explains it in a clear, accessible way. Before pencil is put to paper, a series of simple exercises which purely involve \\\'looking\\\', enables readers to discover the basic principles of perspective for themselves; observing and understanding. The book then builds on these fundamentals, clearly progressing through the chapters covering picture planes, vanishing points, aerial perspective and foreshortening, culminating in how to produce a projection for a large piece of work. Sequences of colour photographs and clearly sketched diagrams accompany the exercises and information, so there is always a visual to back up the points being made. This book is for anyone who wants to draw or paint with the benefit of sound knowledge, method and consistency, in order to produce realistic, well throughout work.

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