Exploring Entrepreneurship
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Exploring Entrepreneurship

Av: Richard Blundel, Catherine Wang

ISBN: 9781473948075

A detailed and critical analysis of the multiple types of entrepreneurship, helping students to understand the practical skills and theoretical concepts needed to create their very own entrepreneurial venture. Split into two parts, the book provides an even balance between theory and practice. Part 1 covers the practical activities involved in new entrepreneurial ventures, and Part 2 uses the latest research to explore entrepreneurship from different perspectives. The Second Edition has a new author, Catherine Wang, and features a collection of practitioner boxes, student focus cases, and new international case studies, including Dyson, Facebook, Made.com, and examples of entrepreneurship in China and Ghana. There are two new chapters on the Varieties of Entrepreneurship, including social entrepreneurship (not-for-profit) and Intrapreneurship (employees within organizations) and Entrepreneurial Learning, which explores how entrepreneurs hone and develop their thinking. The book is complemented by a companion website featuring a range of tools and resources for instructors and students, including PowerPoint Slides, additional mini cases, seminar questions, guidance on new venture creation activities, test bank, SAGE journal articles, video links, revision tips, and an instructor\'s manual. Suitable reading for students taking modules in Entrepreneurship or New venture creation at upper undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

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