Management Accounting for Decision Makers
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Management Accounting for Decision Makers

Av: Peter Atrill, E. J. Mclaney, Edward McLaney

ISBN: 9781292072432

\\\'…friendly, accessible and engaging. It is easy to read and draws the reader in.\\\' Ellis Jenkins, University of Glamorgan

Designed to help you study,Management Accounting for Decision Makers is praised for its clear, accessible and uncluttered style. It provides a comprehensive introduction to the main principles of management accounting, with a strong practical emphasis and avoidingexcessive technical detail. It has a clear and unequivocal focus on how accounting information can be used to improve the quality of decision making by managers, providing the perfect grounding for the decision makers of the future.

Features \\n*Numerous activities and exercises that enable you to constantly test your understanding and reinforce learning. \\n*Lively and relevant examples from the real world demonstrating the practical application and value of concepts and techniques learnt.

*Interactive ‘open-learning’ stylethat is ideal for self-study. \\n*Decision-making focus on the use of accounting information rather than the preparation, which is highly appropriate for business managers.

*Full range of topical examples from the service sector, public sector and manufacturing industry. \\n*Key terms, glossary and bulleted summaries are excellent revision aids.

The text is supported by MyAccountingLab, a completely new type of educational resource. MyAccountingLab complements student learning by presenting the user with a study plan that adapts and customises to the student\\\'s individual requirements as they progress through online tests. Students can also practice problems before taking tests, and because most of these are algorithmically driven, they can practice over and over again without repetition. Additionally, students have access to an eBook, animated guides to various key topics, and guided solutions, all of which are designed to help them overcome the most difficult concepts. Both students and lecturers have access to gradebooks that allow them to track progress, and lecturers will have the ability to create new tests and activities using the large number of problems available in the question database.

Audience \\nSuitable for those studying an introductory course in management accounting, who are seeking an understanding of basic principles and underlying concepts without too much detailed technical knowledge.

Author \\nPeter Atrill is a freelance academic and author working with leading institutions in the UK, Europe and SE Asia. He was previously Head of Business and Management and Head of Accounting and Law at the University of Plymouth Business School.

Eddie McLaney is Visiting Fellow in Accounting and Finance at the University of Plymouth.

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