English Phonology and Pronunciation Teaching
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English Phonology and Pronunciation Teaching

Av: Pamela Rogerson-Revell

ISBN: 9780826424037

This book covers key aspects of English phonology to help readers go on to teach pronunciation, diagnose problem areas and prioritize important skills. This book aims to provide a clear description of key aspects of English phonology in order to help teachers diagnose and prioritize problem areas in pronunciation. It also aims to develop an awareness of current issues and relevant research in the field to inform teachers decisions, not only about what to teach, but how to teach pronunciation, particularly in EIL contexts. Specifically, it aims to enable readers to: understand key terms and concepts in phonology and phonetics; become aware of current issues and debates in research and apply these to pronunciation teaching, particularly in EIL contexts; conduct phonological analysis of learner language, including phonemic transcription; diagnose and assess learner\'s pronunciation difficulties and needs; and, plan a structured pronunciation syllabus. The book assumes no prior knowledge and is a key resource for both newcomers and experienced practitioners in the fields of English Language Teaching as well as students of applied linguistics.

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