Student Academic Services
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Student Academic Services

Av: Gary L. Kramer

ISBN: 9780787961022

With contributions from a stellar panel of student services experts, Student Academic Services is a comprehensive resource that addresses the intricacies of today\\\'s academy and provides a hands-on guide to the expanded and complex functions of today\\\'s student academic services. This helpful book offers an in-depth examination of the most effective models, current practices, and trends in student services. The authors explore highly integrated student academic services practices from various campuses that reflect a holistic, interdependent approach to assessing and addressing the needs of students, and they offer a selection of effective management tools for assessment, evaluation, and continuous improvement. Student Academic Services includes a wealth of information on a wide variety of topics such as * Advances in information technology to make services available * A model for a comprehensive, integrated career services unit * A systematic and strategic view of academic advising * The creation of accurate, secure, and accessible academic records * The growth of financial aid and scholarship services * The challenges of helping a diverse student body achieve success * Integration of online student academic services * Management of change in student academic services * Future trends in student services


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