Computer science
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Computer science

Av: J. Glenn Brookshear

ISBN: 9780321544285

Computer Science: An Overview, Tenth Edition, delivers a solid, comprehensive overview of what computer science is all about. Each topic is presented with its historical perspective, current state, and future potential, as well as ethical issues for students to consider. This balanced, realistic picture helps students see the many opportunities that computing presents for further studies and future careers.



NEW! Chapter on computer graphics (Chapter 10) describes the technology used in video games and today's motion picture industry and provides a foundation for understanding the expanding field of virtual reality. NEW! Numerous leading computer scientists played consulting roles in those chapters specific to their fields of expertise, ensuring that all topics are state-of-the-art and relecant in today's rapidly changing environment. Fully revised lab manuals for C++ and Java are available for instructors who would like to incorporate a programming language into their courses. The lab manuals follow the sequence and approach of this book, facilitating hands-on exploration of concepts with C++ and Java. A wide range of topics-- including programming languages, operating systems, algorithms, software engineering, networking, database design, graphics, artificial intelligence, and machine architecture -- are covered. The Companion Website for this book includes a practical exploration of topics, software simulators, and more. Check the front of this book for an access code to this valuable student resource. Six months of access are included with all new copies of this text.

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