Mathematics for Economics and Business. Ian Jacques
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Mathematics for Economics and Business. Ian Jacques

Av: John M. Coe

ISBN: 9780273763567

Do you need to brush up on your mathematical skills to truly excel in your economics or business course? If you want to increase your confidence in mathematics, then this is the perfect book for you. With its friendly and informal style, this market leading text breaks down topics into short sections making each new technique you learn seem less daunting. Offering you the chance at every opportunity to stop and check your understanding by working through the practice problems, you can relax and learn at your own pace. A brand new online learning resource for this edition available to users of this book. An unrivalled online study and testing resource that generates a personalized study plan and provides extensive practice questions exactly where you need it. * Interactive questions with randomized values allow you practice the same concept as many times as you need until you master it. * Guided solutions break down the question for you step by step. * Audio animations talk you through key mathematical techniques * Full e book links out to the relevant part of the text while you are practicing.* Additional e chapters of extended topics taken out of the book See the Getting Started with MyMathlab section in the introduction for information on how to register and start using the resources.

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