Doing Feminist Theory
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Doing Feminist Theory

Av: Susan Archer Mann

ISBN: 9780199858101

Doing Feminist Theory critically examines feminist thought from the late 18th century to the present. Organized historically and by theoretical perspectives, it highlights the relationship between feminist theory and practice, as well as the diversity of feminist visions and voices by race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and global location. The history of feminist thought is interwoven with the history of the U.S. women\\\'s movement to ground theory in its socio-historical context and to illuminate paradigm shifts toward an increasing focus on difference, deconstruction and decentering in postmodernity. Links between the local and global are emphasized in theory application sections devoted to global and environmental issues.Oriented toward upper-level undergraduate students and master\\\'s-level graduate students, the distinguishing features of this text include: - a critical approach that highlights how theories can empower or silence - a diversity approach that focuses on the multiplicity of feminist voices by race, class, - an historical approach that grounds feminist theories in the social, economic, and - a dynamic approach that highlights paradigm shifts in feminist thought from - an interdisciplinary approach that interweaves the social sciences and the - a praxis-oriented approach with theory applications devoted to global and

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