The Guardians
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The Guardians

Av: Ana Castillo

ISBN: 812975715

From American Book Award-winning author Ana Castillo comes a suspenseful, moving novel about a sensuous, smart, and fiercely independent woman. Eking out a living as a teacher\\\'s aide in a small New Mexican border town, Tia Regina is also raising her teenage nephew, Gabo, a hardworking boy who has entered the country illegally and aspires to the priesthood. When Gabo\\\'s father, Rafa, disappears while crossing over from Mexico, Regina fears the worst.

After several days of waiting and with an ominous phone call from a woman who may be connected to a smuggling ring, Regina and Gabo resolve to find Rafa. Help arrives in the form of Miguel, an amorous, recently divorced history teacher; Miguel\\\'s gregarious abuelo Milton; a couple of Gabo\\\'s gangbanger classmates; and a priest of wayward faith. Though their journey is rife with challenges and danger, it will serve as a remarkable testament to family bonds, cultural pride, and the human experience

Praise for The Guardians


\\\"An always skilled storyteller, Castillo] grounds her writing in . . . humor, love, suspense and heartache-that draw the reader in.\\\"\\n-Chicago Sunday Sun-Times

\\\"A rollicking read, with jokes and suspense and joy rides and hearts breaking . . . This smart, passionate novel deserves a wide audience.\\\" \\n-Los Angeles Times

\\\"What drives the novel is its chorus of characters, all, in their own way, witnesses and guardian angels. In the end, Castillo\\\'s unmistakable voice-earthy, impassioned, weaving a \\\'hybrid vocabulary for a hybrid people\\\'-is the book\\\'s greatest revelation.\\\"\\n-Time Out New York

\\\"A wonderful novel . . . Castillo\\\'s most important accomplishment in The Guardians is to give a unique literary voice to questions about what makes up a \\\'family.\\\' \\\"\\n-El Paso Times

\\\"A moving book that is both intimate and epic in its narrative.\\\" \\n-Oscar Hijuelos, author of The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love

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