Grant Takes Command
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Grant Takes Command

Av: Bruce Catton

ISBN: 1504024214

A thrilling account of the final years of the War Between the States and the great general who led the Union to victory This conclusion of Pulitzer Prize‚Äďwinning author Bruce Catton‚Äôs acclaimed Civil War history of General Ulysses S. Grant begins in the summer of 1863. After Grant‚Äôs bold and decisive triumph over the Confederate Army at Vicksburg‚ÄĒa victory that wrested control of the Mississippi River from Southern hands‚ÄĒPresident Abraham Lincoln promoted Grant to the head of the Army of the Potomac. The newly named general was virtually unknown to the nation and to the Union‚Äôs military high command, but he proved himself in the brutal closing year and a half of the War Between the States. Grant‚Äôs strategic brilliance and unshakeable tenacity crushed the Confederacy in the battles of the Overland Campaign in Virginia and the Siege of Petersburg. In the spring of 1865, Grant finally forced Robert E. Lee‚Äôs surrender at Appomattox Court House, thus ending the bloodiest conflict on American soil. Although tragedy struck only days later when Lincoln‚ÄĒwhom Grant called ‚Äúincontestably the greatest man I have ever known‚ÄĚ‚ÄĒwas assassinated, Grant‚Äôs military triumphs would ensure that the president‚Äôs principles of unity and freedom would endure. In Grant Takes Command, Catton offers readers an in-depth portrait of an extraordinary warrior and unparalleled military strategist whose brilliant battlefield leadership saved an endangered Union.

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