Solid Gold Fishing in The Mother Lode
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Solid Gold Fishing in The Mother Lode

Av: William Allen Heinselman

ISBN: 1467060704

(Basic to Advanced) Solid Gold Fishing in The Mother Lode is all about catching fish: record-size largemouth and smallmouth bass; trout; catfish; kokanee; crappie; land-locked striped bass; and king salmon. Through a lifetime of fishing experiences, the author has learned the knowledge and transferred years of his techniques and strategy to details in this book. Still-fishing, jigging, trolling, bank-fishing, night-fishing, lure casting, it’s all here, and plenty more! Your final results will be a fun day, with a limit of fish! This book has flow and heart and names fishing locations and products that William, personally, is successful with. And talk about dozens and dozens of good tips, this book is a \"cover-to-cover school book\" when it comes to successful fishing techniques. Another purpose of Solid Gold Fishing in The Mother Lode is to get people out of the house and into the natural wonders that our Mother Lode countryside offers. Plenty of wide open spaces will give your body and mind a place to relax. Spend a day or a weekend enjoying the history of the small towns. Visit the museums and antique shops to get a first-hand look at the products used back in the gold-rush era. Finally, yes this book delivers good, solid details, on ways to attract fish and get them to strike your bait or lure. But, not all of the book is advanced fishing. Included, is a chapter just for the kids and parents to get them catching immediately, and in a way that saves parents money! Oh yea, do you like hiking and camping when you fish? Don’t worry, hiking and camping is included for your convenience. Now it’s up to you. Come on, have fun!

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