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Av: Susan Sales Harkins, Martin Reid

ISBN: 1430215739

This is the first book of its kind! Microsoft Access uses a specific dialect of SQL known as Jet SQL to communicate with the Jet Engine. This book shows you how to talk directly to the Jet, bypassing the query design window. Why would you want to? You can\\\'t really take advantage of all the Jet has to offer until you can speak its language. The first part teaches you the rules and syntax you\\\'ll need to master to talk Jet SQL. The second and third sections show you how to upside an Access database to an Access Project and discusses some of the changes the Access Developer will face when working with SQL Server, including Stored Procedures, Functions, and Views. These sections are full of helpful hints and warnings. "e;Access SQL to SQL Server Desktop Edition and Beyond"e; is more than just a comprehensive reference tool for Jet SQL. You\\\'ll also find efficient SQL solutions for common Access problems and tasks, in addition to helpful hints and warnings about what to avoid. Learning Jet SQL is an important step from using Access to developing with Access. Understanding Jet SQL opens new possibilities to more efficient solutions that are easier to build than convention methods - once you know the language.

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